Foreign exchange investment company operation

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Foreign exchange howtocopyforextrad cashback forexg company operation management mode Foreign exchange investment company best forex copy trading approved by the state forextradingsignal capital injection set up, so it was born, is state-owned; however, it is different from the general foreign exchange management organs, but a profitable company, shouldering the huge foreign exchange assets to preserve the value of the important task of how to overcome some of the inherent shortcomings of state-owned enterprises, the use of professional, market-oriented As the core business of the company is to invest in foreign financial portfolios, it can be predicted that the competitors it will face in the future are those institutional investors who have been in the international financial market and have been through a lot of trials and tribulations. In such a competitive market environment, if we still adhere to the backward management system of state-owned enterprises, stuck in the traditional governance structure, the consequences will be unimaginable This is not only about the survival and security of an enterprise, but also involves the financial security of our country In the past, the CNOOC incident warned us that the drawback of the bureaucratic system is that the decision is arbitrary and the responsibility is blurred, so that it is unable to cope with market risks; and once the risk arises, some officials often think first of the responsibility issue, rather than Therefore, similar to the state foreign exchange investment company such a huge financial company, not only by the courage and boldness of individuals to make decisions, but to rely on scientific, market-oriented management model to make decisions Talent mechanism Foreign exchange investment companies need a number of both familiar with national policies and proficient in investment technology of high-quality personnel in the international investment market game, the business personnel There are very high requirements, not only need to have excellent professional quality, solid research skills, rich operational experience, but also to have a good understanding of the investment, a keen judgment of the market and superhuman psychological endurance and other characteristics In addition, good personal ethics and professional ethics is also essential In foreign countries, the post of investment manager needs to go through a rigorous professional qualification examination, on the basis of which, to train an excellent In contrast, the vast majority of investment managers in China are not familiar with the rules of the international investment market, the international investment market, the frontier of innovation is not yet known, more lack of practical experience in the operation of the international investment market can be imagined, once these people enter the international investment market, when faced with countless financial predators experienced in the capital market, it is inevitable to become the prey of the roundup Therefore, in order to carry out professional investment in the international financial market, it is necessary to face the world and recruit real market manipulation experts for professional operation, with the key target being the elite of the investment community in New York and London. First, they will pay great attention to control the portfolio turnover rate, and will be fully invested, requiring a high percentage of positions at all times; second, their investment will follow strict operating procedures, any buy, sell behavior will have a clear reason and prior investment plan; again, their investment is very rational, rarely with personal feelings, for example, they will never be based on the impulse to change Only when the selected stock reaches the expected price, the industry has a better listed company will choose to ship for shares The premise of recruiting such people is to provide a competitive package It is known that the annual salary of the top traders on Wall Street is often in the millions of dollars Of course, to give full play to the role of the introduced investment elite, not only the need for generous treatment, a strict assessment system and legal regulations is also essential In this case, in addition to the purchase of fixed-income securities, the majority of the funds can be outsourced to international institutions through the operation of risk prevention mechanisms. First of all, liquidity risk is a major obstacle that affects the investment of the company, and this issue is almost unmentioned in the domestic discussion. With $200 billion of capital in its hands, its every move in the international investment market will attract attention. The process of buying $100,000,000 of securities basically does not affect the stock price, but the process of buying $1 billion of securities may speculate the price all the way up This investment not only lacks concealment, it is also difficult to operate, and it is even more difficult to ship out in the market Successful large funds do not accept new subscriptions after a certain size, it is for this reason Therefore, the amount of capital determines that it must be through a variety of funds, to independent of each other Secondly, operational risk is also a risk that cannot be ignored in the investment, especially in the form of entrusted investment, how to control the risk in entrusted investment will be an important research topic for the risk management department Secondly, legal risk must be noted because of the large scale of the operation, it is likely to collide with the rules of the international financial market as many as the hair. If not handled properly, it will easily lead to market manipulation and other challenges The Foreign Exchange Investment Center of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange is an overseas investment institution representing the sovereignty of the country, even if there are violations and manipulation, the local regulators will at most condemn but not impose penalties. Pay attention to the country risk control, because it represents the country to invest, it is easy because of political factors and lead to investment hindrance 1, trading platform stability Do foreign exchange margin trading, this is very important platform stability or not, some are foreign server reasons, some are domestic network reasons, no matter which, the platform is not stable for customers are unfavorable FXSOL GTS and MT4 system almost Never dropped, the offer and the international market synchronization, because the platform is stable, so there is no restriction on dialing scalp or normal short term trading, in the event of major market news released on the transaction is no additional restrictions 2, moving stop function This function is very practical whether you have opened a position or preset single, you can set a moving stop moving stop loss is actually a stop, the stop price only to the favorable direction to follow the movement, coupled with the stop loss and Limit management, you can construct the perfect combination of instructions, especially suitable for system traders or investors who can not keep an eye on the market all day This function is executed on the server side, so you set up instructions, even if you turn off the computer does not matter 3, hedging function (some platforms called lock single) using the hedging function can open a new position and the number of existing positions equal to the reverse, without taking Margin, so that the loss is locked this is often said to lock single, unlock only need to close any one of the positions can lock single this practice in fact and flat out of the original position and then choose to build a new position effect is the same, but the operation is more relaxed than the latter, very suitable for newcomers to use 4, super Chinese chart function GTS system chart function although not as flexible as MT4 and with intelligent trading But already has the basic advantages of MT4 which is very rare in the current foreign foreign exchange trading platform is generally a strong trading function, chart function is weak in addition FXSOL company recently added advanced charting tools, as a plug-in installed separately 5, C.A.R function This function is to close the original position while opening a new position of the same amount of reverse, to facilitate the market sometimes appear 6, flexible trading unit trading contract size can be customized, the minimum is 1K (that is, the minimum operation is 0.01 hand, the minimum operation of other platforms is 0.1 hand, which is convenient for newcomers to control risk), so that investors with little capital to start with small transactions, and do not have to take too much risk at the beginning to be able to gradually increase the volume of positions after stable profits, you can also change the Contract size in addition to the contract size and leverage ratio can now be changed at any time on the platform, very convenient 7, batch closing function There are two implications, one is the market price to close the position can only close a part of the order; but each order including pending orders can be set up to 5 limit and stop loss 8, can open additional accounts Additional account depends on the main account and the existence of the account, the advantage of opening this account is that you can choose a And the main account and different contract size and trading leverage, and the main account between the funds can be transferred to each other, but also to facilitate the control of a single account risk 9, services close to the user Because it is self-developed trading platform, the company will be based on user demand from time to time to increase the number of very practical features