Foreign exchange investment nouns explain ascending triangle

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Volume best forex copy trading the process of formation of the form howtocopyforextrading constantly decreasing ascending triangle shows that the buyer forextradingsignal seller in the range of the contest, but the buyers power in the fight has slightly prevailed the above chart as an example, ascending triangle in the initial formation, the cashback forex also began to rise to the ascending triangle (ascendingtriangle) usually in the connection of the rebound high point tends to be horizontal The low point of the return line is gradually higher, thus forming an upward sloping line, and at the end of the finishing pattern, along with the expansion of the attack volume, the general chance of a breakthrough upward is greater price at a certain level presents strong selling pressure, the price rises from the low point to the level will fall, but the purchasing power of the market is still very strong, the price does not return to the last low point will rebound immediately, and continue to make the price fluctuate with the resistance line and We can draw a resistance line if we connect each short-term fluctuation highs; and each short-term fluctuation lows can be connected to another upward-sloping line, forming an ascending triangle volume in the formation of the process of decreasing the ascending triangle shows that buyers and sellers in the range of the contest, but the buyers power in the struggle has been slightly dominant sellers in its specific price level continue to However, the buying power of the market is so strong that they do not wait for the price to fall back to the last low and are more eager to buy, thus forming a demand line that slopes to the upper right. The whole pattern occurred within three months, but did not break through the resistance line of b, c and e. The higher lows from point a to d to f represent the accumulation and market conditions will continue to rise throughout the process, the volume was weaker than expected, but at point f began to catch up and the price was just restrained by the support line, and then rebounded through the resistance point g, and the volume at point g was very high after the confirmation of the ascending triangle pattern, the market will continue to rise. The theoretical basis for the formation of the "ascending triangle" is the tug-of-war between buyers and sellers in the range, which reflects the power of the seller has slightly prevailed the bearish party in its particular price level of continuous selling, they are not eager to ship, but is not optimistic about the future of the market. So every time the price rises to their mind that the ideal level of selling will be sold, which may be a very planned market behavior, is those holding heavy investors in the pre-determined price level for the planned sale of their sales in the same price of the sale formed a horizontal supply line (SupplyLine) However, the markets buying power is very strong, they do not wait for the price to fall back to the last low, it will However, the buying power of the market is so strong that they are eager to enter the market without waiting for the price to fall to the last low, thus forming an upward sloping DemandLine. Most of the "ascending triangles" appear in the process of rising, and suggest a tendency to break upward 2, in the upward breakthrough of the "ascending triangle" top level of supply resistance (and there is a surge of transactions 3. The "minimum rise" is measured in the same way as the "symmetrical triangle", starting from the first short-term rebound high and drawing a line parallel to the bottom, after breaking through the pattern, it will rise at the same speed as before the pattern began The technical analyst should revise the new "ascending triangle" pattern according to the third or fourth short-term low. Sometimes the pattern may be mutated to form some other patterns 2, although the "ascending triangle" implies that there are more chances of upward breakthrough, but there is also the possibility of downward, so investors take the corresponding buying and selling decisions only after the obvious breakthrough of the pattern If the downward breakthrough is below 3% (calculated by the closing price), investors are advised to sell temporarily 3. "Upward triangle" upward breakthrough resistance, if there is no transaction surge in support, the signal may be wrong, investors should give up this indicator signal, continue to wait and see the further development of the market trend if the pattern downward breakthrough, it is not necessary to increase the volume 4, "upward triangle "The earlier the breakthrough, the less error occurs if the price repeatedly go to the tip of the pattern after falling out of the pattern, the breakthrough signal is not enough to believe