Foreign exchange traders how to develop a sense of the plate

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we forex howtocopyforextradingsignal the daily customer consultation, often answer customers such questions, such as "how do you think about the data tonight", "you think in a certain news out after the market trend will have what kind of change" best forex copy trading so on. Admittedly, when some important data cashback forex released, the exchange rate usually has more dramatic fluctuations as a professional must be the first time to make a quick response to market fluctuations, and then complete a variety of transactions to have this ability, you must have a good sense of the plate, we commonly known as "plate sense" trading in the The "disk sense" is very important "disk sense" is entirely the traders own personal experience in trading, is a comprehensive accumulation of trading experience and trading ideas, is personally felt in the market "comprehensive information "The "sense of pan" can only be experienced in trading, and it is difficult to express it clearly in words alone, and it is impossible to learn it from others in a rigid way. No, why not mysterious? Just like a soldier who hears a command, must complete a tactical action after a thousand times, as long as he hears the command, he will naturally do such a tactical action or, we can call this phenomenon a conditioned reflex! Never reject the "sense of the plate", and do not equate the "sense of the plate" with irrational thinking, because all investors transactions are based on their own "feelings" and complete the other so-called I think of a pithy summary: Dont despise behavior, because behavior forms habits; dont despise habits, because habits form character; and dont despise the wisdom of your own inner trading. I think of a brilliant summary: do not despise behavior, because behavior forms habits; do not despise habits, because habits form character; do not despise character, because character will determine fate success is inseparable from the timely discovery and grasp of opportunities can be imagined trading in the importance of "plate sense" good "plate sense" is a necessary condition for investment in foreign exchange and other financial products Although you are not born with a "sense of pan", but through continuous training, most people will progress quickly, you may also try to develop forex trading pan sense of steps / methods 1, adhere to the daily trend of all currencies browse through, and according to your own method to select those more active currencies, and then focus on browsing, which If you follow your own method in the review process and choose the currency pair with the relevant index market judgment has commonality, you should pay strong attention to the overall trend of these currencies 2, the day the rise, fall in the currency pair to conduct a serious study, to find out the currency pair to go strong (weak) Market meaning, and whether you think the buy (sell) signal 3, the actual trading disk, mainly tracking your attention to the target currency against the real-time trend, a clear understanding of its opening and closing prices, the highest, lowest specific meaning, as well as the market in the long and short sides of the fight process, to understand a variety of technical indicators and price movements have consistency between 4, conditional reflex training to find some of the classic past The bottom start when the trend, repeatedly study, and constantly stimulate their brains only to do "in the chest, chest price", in order to improve the reaction speed 5, training their daily rapid browsing of the currency against the plate changes 6, the most important thing is to find a set or establish a set of suitable for their own operating methods, especially for their own trading Personalized trading system forex success method is from the above training everything is valuable in persistence as long as persistent, I firmly believe that your "plate sense" will be honed very well, so that in the real battle to achieve satisfactory returns!