Foreign exchange trading capital management problems

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problem&nb howtocopyforextrading;The prem forextradingsignale is as follows: The capital 1W, judge a wave of trend after the single cashback forex.5, the first pullback to add 0.2, the second pullback to add 0.2 There are two problems: 1.Three single total 0.9 has been close to 10% of the position, such a way is reasonable?  2. After adding a position in front of the single whether you need to move the stop best forex copy trading, stop loss point put where?  Answer The first question in foreign exchange spot trading, 1 lot = 100,000 U.S. dollars you three times a single 0.9 lots, not close to 10%, but has used 9 times the leverage in this case, fluctuations of 1 point = 9 U.S. dollars position size is reasonable, depending on your stop loss you this single if the stop loss was hit, will lose how much of the total funds?  Say the method I commonly use in trading it fixed loss ratio For example, you 10,000 capital, each single maximum 3% loss, the stop loss is 100 points which is your position should be 0.3 hands The second problem About adding positions, the method or first find a good stop, and then according to the loss ratio to calculate the maximum number of lots you can add positions at this time  This example is more complicated Suppose you are $10,000, the first entry 0.3 lots, stop loss is 100 points after the price rose 50 points, your total capital is $10150, the total number of lots is 0.3 lots but the stop loss level from the previous 100 points distance into 80 points (assuming out of a swing), that 10150 * 3% = 304.5 (on also according to 300 bar, easy to calculate), 300/80 = 3.75 80 points stop loss, the maximum loss of 3% of the case, you can enter the highest 0.38 hands (the number of hands can only go to the last two, rounded up)  you can add 0.08 feel that the trend is not over, the same after adding positions all this, are in the framework of holding a maximum loss of 3% Inside out of this framework, the risk of your position can not be controlled It is easy to appear the more you add positions, the weaker the risk tolerance The new single into, a slight adjustment, not only did not earn money, but also the previous profit ate Affect their own judgment of the trend, and thus affect the mentality, resulting in the final loss of money So, you the two problems actually is the same, are the problem of stop loss!  Stop loss is not after you enter and then find the first determine the stop loss, and then enter first determine the stop loss, and then enter first determine the stop loss, and then enter