Foreign exchange trading common terminology

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In the f best forex copy tradingeign exchange forextradingsignal there are a lot of professional terms, it seems very mysterious, in fact, understand the meaning howtocopyforextrading very simple, often customers will ask some of these concepts to explain the type of problem, BFS editor systematically organized the relevant terminology, to share Volatility: the exchange rate in a day of oscillation amplitude Narrow: 30 to 50 points of fluctuations Range: the exchange rate in a period of time cashback forex and down the range Up, down: the exchange rate due to news or other factors have a breakthrough development Glued: the disc potential is unknown, the trading range is narrow Consolidation: a period of up or down in the range after finishing, fluctuations Long: buy Short: sell Short covering: the seller in the falling market, due to news or data and began to buy (long entry or short closing), the price rises Long covering: the buyer in the rising market, due to news or data Buyers in an up market, due to news or data and began to sell (short entry or long closing), the price fell up, down: test a price level up, down: price level target (above the price level is called resistance, below the price level is called support) bottom: important support level of the lower gear unilateral market: about 10 days or half a month of the market is only up or down only not up up up and down market, oscillating market: the exchange rate in a certain range Up and down the bull market: the market volatility narrow trading light: trading volume is small, volatility is not large trading active: trading volume is large, volatility is large breakthrough: breakthrough support or resistance (generally need to break through 20 to 30 points or more) false breakthrough: a sudden breakthrough support or resistance, but immediately turn back, piercing profit closing: foreign exchange trading results of the profit, close the position out of the market stop loss (stop loss): the wrong direction, at a certain price level Immediately close the position to admit compensation Back, rebound: in the price fluctuations in the general trend, the middle of the reverse quotation Long (long): bullish (think to rise) and enter to buy Short (short): bearish (think to fall) and enter to sell Lock single: investors foreign exchange manipulation of the market uncertainty, while a buy order and sell orders, and then wait for the direction of the market to confirm, close the wrong single, leaving the correct the single