Forex Fundamental Analysis Study 6 - Forex News Media and Market Data

2023/2/25 5:46:24  read(4)

If you search for Forex howtocopyforextrading on Baidu, you will find over 7 million results, best forex copy trading if you search for Forex data, th forextradingsignal result is also over 7 million Yes, thats how many there cashback forex No wonder you need to come here to learn the relevant courses In the field of Forex, there is indeed too much information to deal with, and too many things that can bother new traders Of course, among all this information, there is also a lot of outdated information that we have seen before, but to be a successful trader, we need to keep the belief that information is king and prices will move as a result of all the following information: economic reports, central bankers speeches, interest rate changes, etc. Your goal is to achieve trading success when you understand why prices are moving. Successful traders are not born, they need education or continuous self-learning. Successful traders do not have some mysterious power over them, nor can they see the future. Where do I get market information to make the right trading decisions? Among the many sources of information, the Internet is undoubtedly the most convenient source, through which we can learn the latest Forex news simultaneously, no matter where we are in the world. The vast majority of them are free, but of course, there are some that you have to pay to access the Internet Our preferred recommended Chinese forex website is forexbang, which offers forex news, forex quotes, central bank news, forex news, forex news. Foreign exchange quotes, central bank dynamics, currency dynamics, gold information, foreign exchange analysis, industry dynamics, foreign exchange academy, foreign exchange EA download, financial calendar and various other columns, for the global Chinese foreign exchange investors to provide the latest foreign exchange market information and foreign exchange trading experience and foreign exchange trading skills to learn and share traditional financial media financial media can be a sea to count, however, we establish you Remember that some large financial media these large financial media will be 24/7 non-stop to provide the global market financial information as well as in-depth reports you need to keep a high level of attention to the major events reported by these media, such as central bank interest rate statements, the release of major economic reports and analysis, etc. These large financial media will also be on the market hot spots as well as major issues, many large financial institutions economists, analysts and other authorities to interview. If you are looking for more ways to learn about currency market trends, dont forget that the TV show you visit in your living room will also provide you with the latest market trends in the global financial markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The most cutting-edge financial TV shows are Bloomberg TV, CNBC, MSNBC, and even CNN, and you may also watch some BBC TV shows. Not all dealers offer this service, so its best to check with your trader beforehand to find out when the Federal Reserve will announce its interest rate resolution this month, what the market is predicting for the rate, what the actual value will be, and how the outcome will affect the currency markets. A good financial calendar will give you access to economic data for different months and even different years. Yes, economic events and data reports are published so frequently that it is really hard for the average person to keep up with all the data and time announcements without a financial calendar alert. The vast majority of economic news is released with months of advance warning of market information Some advice Remember that the reports you read are time-sensitive and the vast majority of information is already in the past and the market has already reacted adequately to the reports released If the market has reacted accordingly, you should probably make adjustments to your current trading strategy because, as yesterdays news is obviously outdated for You must also have the ability to determine whether the news you are analyzing is fact, rumor, fiction, or someone elses opinion Rumors of economic data do exist in the market, and such rumors can spread minutes to hours before the data is released Rumors can prompt some short term traders to react, and the actions of these short term traders can have a lasting impact on market sentiment In decentralized markets, it is difficult to know the veracity of news, for example, in the spot forex market, and it is never an easy task to identify the truth of news. The more you know about the sources of news releases, the more likely you are to be able to identify the accuracy of the news. There are strengths and weaknesses