How to trade major news

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Few traders can hold their ground before howtocopyforextrading after the announcement of forextradingsignal best forex copy trading, the biggest reason for th cashback forex is that major news led by the market may be the biggest intra-day fluctuations of the year For example, on January 22, 2015, the European Central Bank announced that it would implement QE policy when the news was announced the euro market January 22, 2015, the ECB announced the expansion of asset purchases The ECB will asset purchases expanded to bonds issued by eurozone governments, agencies and private institutions the monthly purchase size of about 60 billion euros the purchase plan will continue until September 2016 the plan to achieve the goal of price stability  why trade major news?  As the chart above shows, trading major news allows traders to catch big swings in the market, which always occur when the market is surprised by the results and expectations If you dont know how to identify major news, you can visit the financial calendar section of a well-known financial website, where we provide traders with a detailed list of the various possible influences on the exchange rate Major events and news and the Beijing time they will be announced such as the Bank of Englands quarterly inflation report  The content of the inflation report and the subsequent press conference is very critical to the movement of the pound The upward movement of inflation levels will boost the markets expectations for the Bank of Englands interest rate hikes, which will lead to a rally in the pound However, the downward movement of inflation could weaken the Bank of Englands prospects for interest rate hikes and drag down the pound Performance What currency pairs should I avoid when trading major news?  The first thing you need to know is that it is important to know when trading major news, the results of major news we do not yet know, but it needs to be clear that when focusing on major news it should be very clear what the overall market trend is now Regardless of the use of indicators such as MA, Ichimoku or Donchian channel to make judgments, their conclusions are basically the same Despite this, the The better-than-expected news should not be paired with overly strong currency pairs, such as the better-than-expected Bank of England inflation report, which is a bit out of place at this time with a strong dollar  Which currency pairs have the greatest potential profit when trading major news?  By now, you know the importance of major news for price movements in the forex market also know to steer clear of making enemies of the trend so now the question arises, what do we do when the news comes?  My suggestion is that when the major news that can affect the movement of the British pound before the announcement, we can look for a group of currency pairs in the crosses of the pound that are strong, such as the GBP/CAD, then the positive news for the pound is expected to drive the GBP/CAD up through the recent resistance, but also the correlation between the Canadian dollar and U.S. crude oil to analyze the potential profit margin so that traders can both capture the big This is a great way for traders to capture large swings in the market and avoid being enemies of the trend;