K-line sell signal analysis

2023/2/25 17:34:50  read(3)

the end of the best forex copy trading 1. continue to rise in the howtocopyforextrading once the graph, said the rising force cashback forex soon be insufficient, the market will be back to consolidate, investors should first profit taking This is also a kind of blindfold, small positive and not beyond the previous days highest point, proving the lack of power, the market fell 2, jump pregnant cross line when the forextradingsignal jumped up after pulling out three large positive, followed by a cross line, the Representing the rise is too large, buyers are reluctant to chase high, the position holders have to kill, the market price will plunge 3, shedding line The market jumped up to form a cross, the next day and jumped out of a negative line, suggesting that the market is about to plunge at this time the price increase has been quite large, the inability to go up again, so jumping and down, for the sell signal, in this case, the volume value will often be reduced   4, jumping short decline in consecutive days after the negative line appeared a positive upward, this situation is a sign of the return of light, it is appropriate to seize the opportunity to sell, otherwise the price will continue to fall 5, eight peak profit taking As shown in the figure, when the price climbed to the eighth new high price line is, that should be profit taking, even if at this time do not take off, but also not put to more than thirteen new high price line 6, three stars down in the market appeared pole line, which is a good opportunity to close positions Opportunity, the price will be further down to the bottom   7, three sections of a large positive line The market continues to fall in a large positive line, this large positive line will be the first three days of the value of the full inclusion, which is a good escape line, investors should close their positions as soon as possible, the price will continue to fall 8, along the line when the market rose for more than a month after two consecutive down negative line, you can determine the high price of the previous days for the price of heaven, the rise has been weak, the price will 9, plunge three jie when the market rose three consecutive negative line, that is, a sell signal, which is a precursor to the plunge, the market will be more than a month of back to finish the situation