Li Jiacheng high sell low buy curve plunge South Korea property market

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a, the richest Ch best forex copy tradingese Li Jiacheng recent new action  a few days ago, Singapores howtocopyforextrading Asset Management Company (hereinafter referred to as ARA) announced to enter the South Korean real estate industry, the acqu cashback forexition of Australias Macquarie Groups property business in South Korea as Cheung Kong Industry is the third largest shareholder of ARA, ARA this move is also interpreted by the market as Li Jiacheng curve into South Korea The property market yesterday (December 26), Shengfu Capital forextradingsignal Xiezong International President Huang Lichong said in an interview with the Daily Economic News, compared with Chinas Hong Kong property market, South Korea real estate after a longer period of adjustment, the market bubble has basically been released, and now also supported by the policy, coupled with South Koreas economy is relatively healthy, limited by the impact of the U.S. withdrawal of quantitative easing policy, ARA into South Korea is to see its The value of the real estate market is low, which is also another wonderful interpretation of Li Ka-shings high selling and low buying II. ARA acquires Macquaries Korean business According to Korean media reports, a regulatory document disclosed by Singapores ARA on December 23 shows that it will acquire Macquaries real estate business in Korea Macquarie Korea Real Estate is headquartered in Seoul, which manages 588.4 billion won through two private real estate trusts (In addition, ARA will also acquire a 10.02 percent stake in a real estate investment trust owned by Macquarie, but did not disclose the price of the transaction ARA President Lim Hwee Jang said in a statement that the acquisition aims to expand the companys REIT business in the Asia-Pacific region to enter the fourth largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region, the Korean market, which can take advantage of the local real estate sector investment ARA is a financial asset management company formed in Singapore in 2002 by Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited and Lim Hwee Jang, which has several listed and unlisted trusts and also operates real estate management services. Listed in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia respectively, the types of properties under management include retail, office buildings, logistics industry and private funds for investment in real estate Huang Lichong told the Daily Economic News that ARA has a deep connection with CKH, and the REITs listed by CKH in Hong Kong are all managed by ARA as asset managers, and CKH is also the third largest shareholder of ARA. ARA this acquisition can be seen as Li Jiacheng curve into the Korean market an attempt  three, the Korean property market is in a value depression this year, Li Jiacheng for frequently cashing out its assets in the mainland and Hong Kong to invest overseas, causing disinvestment non-committal according to the Daily Economic News reporter incomplete statistics, through the sale of properties such as Guangzhou Xicheng metropolis square and the spin-off of Hong Kong lights listed Since this year, the long and the system cash amounted to 43.1 billion yuan because Hutchison Whampoa has announced that the previously shelved sale of Parkn Shop will be listed with Watsons bundle, so the cash amount is expected to continue to increase in the face of external questions about disinvestment, Li Ka-shing has publicly responded that companies earn profits and then invest in other areas, or due to poor business losses, low business returns or poor prospects and exit, are purely commercial decisions. In this regard, Li Ka-shings withdrawal from the mainland and Hong Kong property markets and his entry into the low-value South Korean property market may be another wonderful high-selling low-buying in the second quarter of this year, South Koreas economy showed strong recovery momentum, with GDP growth of 2.3% year-on-year and 1.1% year-on-year, the fastest growth rate in nearly nine quarters, but the local real estate market is According to data released by the National Bank of Korea, South Koreas housing prices fell 0.72% year-on-year in July this year, the 14th consecutive month of decline, Seouls apartment transactions are a plunge of 80% year-on-year. In April this year, the government introduced a series of measures aimed at boosting the real estate market, including low-income and first-time homebuyers can borrow more than the maximum amount of money available under the current regulatory system, and if they get a loan from the government fund, the interest rate can be lower; homebuyers who buy a house worth up to 900 million won (about 5.13 million yuan) this year will be exempt from capital gains tax for the next five years, regardless of whether they sell the house within five years, but these measures still failed to stop the momentum of the decline in housing prices in South Korea. In recent years, Hong Kongs house prices have risen sharply, driven by mainland buyers on the one hand and by the U.S. quantitative easing policy on the other, and now that these two driving factors are disappearing, there is a possibility of falling house prices in Hong Kong. In addition, the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index released on December 24 shows that Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing is the richest man in Asia with US$29.7 billion.