Several elements of wave theory in the foreign exchange market and temporal

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Whether it is the foreign exchange market or the stock market, its theoretical system have common ground, such as today I want to talk about Elliott best forex copy trad howtocopyforextradingg the forextradingsignal (wave theory for short) also known as the principle of volatility, wave theory as a price trend analysis tool has the versatility cashback forex accuracy, versatility and this theoretical system based on the stock market, but for many human activities are also applicable;. Accuracy that is, the use of the wave principle to analyze the direction of market changes often show astonishing accuracy Today, I will focus on the use of wave theory in the foreign exchange market A, about the wave theory you must understand the four basic features 1, the rise and fall of the currency index will alternate; 2, to promote the wave and adjustment wave is the two most basic types of price fluctuations, and to promote the wave (that is, with the general market direction consistent wave) can be further divided into five small waves, generally with the first wave, wave 2, wave 3, wave 4, wave 5 to express, the adjustment wave can also be divided into three small waves, usually with A wave, B wave, C wave; 3, in the above eight waves (five on three down) after the completion of a cycle that is completed, the trend will enter the next eight-wave cycle; 4, the length of time will not change the wave pattern Because the market will still develop in accordance with its basic pattern wave can be elongated, can also be reduced, but its basic pattern eternal;   Second, Elliott wave theory of the three major elements Elliott wave theory is an approximate mathematical expression of the laws of nature fluctuations model basically, it and other foreign exchange market analysis methods are not at the same level of volatility principle has three important elements: the wave pattern, wave amplitude Wave theory is the most important element of wave theory Elliott proposed the definition and principle of the pattern after the test of time and the behavior of the foreign exchange market Third, the temporality of wave theory all things in the world are in motion, which depends on the magic of time, wave theory as the study of price movements in the form of theory, must be temporal, otherwise we The wave theory emphasizes the cyclic cycle, and the cyclic cycle of waves is the repetition of the approximate pattern in the approximate time interval, which occurs within the relative time period in order to make similar expectations of the wave pattern that is about to unfold, and the cyclic cycle pattern is emphasized in the wave theory as the fundamental reason why the waves keep moving in the alternation of up and down. Some knowledge of wave theory