Share my simple Forex trading rules!

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Applicable to any currency pair, any time period trad forextradingsignalg rules a: clear trading direction! The method of simple you look down, but the good use of your eyes off like a friend said the market is not complex, complex is your heart many friends open trading platform out of the chart do not know now should buy or sell, or with a large number of technical indicators also did not analyze out of a son, do not know what to do with the method below you see simple not simple? Clear best forex copy trading unclear? Clear or not? The rules are mainly displayed in charts, a brief explanation, the following pairs of charts from different currencies, different time periods red line for the average line extension, above the red line above for more area, below the red line below for the empty area, the middle of the two red line for the oscillation zone oscillation zone of the empty under more, refers to the howtocopyforextrading in the oscillation zone to reach the upper line - empty and reach the lo cashback forexr line - more specific use of what period of the average line, the Expand how many values, need to be adjusted according to different currencies and different time cycles here is only one of the trading rules, that is, the first step: clear trading direction and rule two: clear entry price and timing rule three: the timing of exit these are based on specific transactions, and capital management rules here first are not detailed, but you can leak the rule two, that is, the large cycle clear direction, small cycle entry rules The same simple you can not afford to look, good use of your eyes off forex trading rule two: determine the timing of entry and specific price level! In rule one we know how to identify which direction to go (trading more or less and wait and see the choice), then in rule two will be specific to how to start in the beginning before you need to know a trading rule --- abcd entry rule the so-called abcd (for short) is a high point a down the line after a low point b, and then the price began to pull back to make a lower than the high point a The next high point c, and then the price again down and over the front of the low point b, forming a new low d, then in the price over the front of the low point b, low point d appears when the best time to enter I said before in the large time cycle to identify the direction, and then in the small cycle entry, so we still use the picture to illustrate the specific operation First of all, rule one and rule two apply to any currency and any time The first chart below is the 15-minute chart of the GBPUSD yesterday, we will first identify the short-term trading direction in this chart. Because its a 15-minute chart, one candle represents 15 minutes, so the exact time of the crossing should be between 12:45 and 13:00 GMT. When we see this on the 15-minute chart, we have to switch chart cycles to prepare for the trade. Beijing time 12:47 minutes occurred downward crossing, and at 12:50 minutes made the low b, and then the price retraced to c, in the price again downward and break ahead b when we put short at 1.4717, the initial stop loss c point 1.4730, plus the spread initial stop loss amount of about 20 points, when the price again downward appear abcd when we moved the stop loss to 1.4724, plus the spread stop loss amount of less than 15 points later this trade failed, we lost about 15 points we again switch to the 15-minute chart to look for opportunities, we see in the third chart the price at 8:45 minutes MT time (14:45 minutes GMT) the candle line, at the price of 1.4726 position down through the red lower line then we switch again to the 1 Minute chart, look at the fourth chart we see that the price is actually in Beijing time 14:54 minutes occurred in the downward crossing, and at 14:54 minutes made the low b, and then the price retraced to c, in the price again down the line and break through the front b when we put short at 1.4717, the initial stop loss c point 1.4731, plus the spread initial stop loss amount or about 20 points and this single we Trading success eventually profit of about 170 points and how to catch the 170 points involved in the rule three: the trend of following and leaving the grasp, here is not much to say, there are interested in the rule three later then talk