Share ten years of foreign exchange futures traders experience

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Th best forex copy trading post was last edited by Miracle on 2016-3-920:21 I have more than 10 years of full-time futures, foreign exchange margin trading career, once burst over the account than anyone, burst over the number of times than anyone does forextradingsignal like to type a lot of words, also do not want to say too complicated words, here to say some key to give to the people who have a chance to express their views, but please use civilized terms I dont want to talk about my own experience or anything else, but Ill talk about something important and give it to the right people 1: The financial market is a market full of uncertainty, even Warren Buffett Soros doesnt know if it will go up or down tomorrow, no one ever knows how the market will go next, so dont look Those who predict a few months, six months after the market will rise to where the fall to where the comments this comment even if Soros himself wrote is also meaningless, no one in the world can foretell the future 2. And already, the price rose they will rise, all indicators are calculated according to the price, throw them all away maybe you can not accept but all indicators are not necessary to see, in addition to the price itself, later you will understand the 3. Forecast, do not think about how the price will go tomorrow. How to go tomorrow no one in the world knows what we have to do is very simple, believe in the eyes, he is up is up down is down, combined with your operating cycle to see combined with your risk-reward ratio cloth single if he is down, you do not think he will go up 5. You have to do is to follow not to predict, the market does not like smart people here again, howtocopyforextrading cashback forex is only a reference aid, otherwise proficient in all the technical analysis methods of people will not be the money earned out of technical analysis and any indicators is only a reference thing is not the trader really pay attention to can be said and the Chinese feudal society of the ghosts and gods similar if you have been obsessed with technical analysis you have gone astray 6. . technical analysis of all indicators are feudal gods and ghosts of things is not useless? Wrong, we still need to understand the basic method of chart reading, and technical analysis is most useful when the trend is obvious the more obvious the technical analysis only seems to be useful, you think your technology is very bull? In fact, is the trend of cattle, still do not understand? Trend than what all indicators technical analysis key price itself is the best indicator, will tell you what happened if you study technical analysis every day, every day to study a variety of indicators ea system, believe me you have gone astray, the wrong way 7. stop loss to come out, you think no stop loss no loss, the money actually lost out early, the floating loss is the actual loss, you directly out can also be more than one direction Choose, think calmly, do not need because you are more than a single floating loss inside your subconscious biased long market focus or: see some young people obsessed with technical analysis, obsessed with a variety of indicators, you are on the wrong path ten years later perhaps you will understand, technical analysis of todays financial market role is getting smaller and smaller, mainly used to combine your money management use of books to read more attention to money management and risk control books The first thing you need to do is to read the book, especially the psychology of trading, behavioral finance dont look at the kind of Chinese write what the secret code on the first here, good luck to everyone!