Share the experience of these years of speculation in foreign exchange

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I. Each forextradingsignal position before asking yourself four questions th best forex copy trading single hit counted as which cycle? ---- Intraday? A few days? The longer term medium term? The time period is currently oscillating or unilateral market? ---- unilateral, then follow the trend for the oscillation city, then in the oscillation range on the upper side of the empty, the lower side of the more, the so-called catch the top of the bottom; in the middle howtocopyforextrading to make. It is not clear whether the time cycle is oscillating or single-sided city, not to make light positions? ---- test whether the st cashback forexard of light position is to sleep at ease. Never leave a single that you cant sleep on. The account should be able to withstand at least the extreme volatility of the currency pair in the respective time period. For example, if the intraday limit of EURUSD is about 300 points, then make an intraday EURUSD single, which should be able to withstand at least 300 points of fluctuation. Of course, this does not mean that you have to wait until the pivot is 300 points or more before you take a stop loss. What is ready to stop-loss position? II. Profitable single before closing the position to ask themselves two questions: for the time period of the single-sided market, adhere to hold the profit part? ---- can hang after the floating profit X points flat STOP single continue to hold, after the profit Y points to move STOP, until STOP is hit. X and Y values need to be determined according to the cycle of the single and the currency pair for the time cycle of the oscillator, dial to reach the other side? ---- arrived, then close the position, otherwise, after a certain number of points of profit, hang a flat STOP, continue to hold to the other side of three. Stop-loss orders can be handled without hanging a stop-loss order when watching the market. After reaching the predetermined stop-loss position, first observe a few hours before deciding whether to stop and the specific location of the stop loss. In this way, you can reduce the number of stops and points, and sometimes even counter losses to win. It is not advisable to resist, and it is also not advisable to have more stops. Sleep and can not keep an eye on the market, should hang STOP single. Of course, if the expected STOP pips is greater than the intraday limit of the currency pair pivoted, or can withstand the intraday limit of the currency pair pivoted, also can not hang STOP single. IV. The handling of profits must be taken out after a certain amount of profit is made. Otherwise, one day you will lose money. After continuous profit, you should stop making a single time. Avoid arrogance and greed.