Technical analysis of the three realms

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The great scholar Wang Guowei once described the process of learning cashback forex three realms: first, "alone on a high building, looking at the end of the road", showing the fervent heart to leave everything behind for the pursuit of knowledge; second, "the belt forextradingsignal getting wider best forex copy trading wider, not regretful, for the sake of Yi to pine away", which is a generation of lyricists singing flowers and chanting love. The second is "I dont regret my clothes and ribbons, but Im tired of pining for you", which is a composition of a generation of lyricists singing about flowers, but here it is quoted as the act of seeking knowledge and learning; the third is "Ive searched for her for thousands of miles, but when I look back, the person is at the end of the light", which means that as long as you work hard and create, you will be able to enter the hall and reach the top. Technical analysis also has three realms: "Seeing the howtocopyforextrading is the mountain, seeing the water is the water"; "Seeing the mountain is not the mountain, seeing the water is not the water"; "Seeing the mountain is still the mountain, seeing the water is still the water" One of the realms: "Seeing the mountain is the mountain, seeing the water is the water " Beginning to learn the technical analysis of futures, from the K line to start, the so-called long red long negative, doji, inverted hammer line, shadow line, etc. as the breeze, quite happy, as its name "candlestick" according to the map, ignite the light of hope; after a variety of technical indicators: Dow trend line, cycle theory, average moving line, strong and weak indicators RSI, stochastic indicators The strength indicator RSI, stochastic indicator KD, position interest, OBV energy tide and medium trend indicator MACD and so on colorful - the original indicators have a high area and low area can tell the sell and buy, the average line has a short emanation and the expansion of the long alignment, deviation rate to remind the pressure to close too much, the volume of volume to increase the original direction to maintain, etc.; and then later, the K-line combination pattern, average combination pattern, indicator combination pattern together to play a combination of fist, the insurance factor increased greatly at this time, the chart of the high and low staggered K-line is the layers of beautiful, long-running average line such as a small bridge and flowing water relaxed and happy So, for the futures market can be said to be bursting with confidence, the arrow is on the string Realm of two: "see the mountain is not a mountain, see the water is not water " as the most precious, fast horse and gun to kill the futures market, would like to "take the generals head in a million armies like a bag," however, get the results are often "before the teacher is killed, often make their own tears" -The previous technical treasures as "silver gun wax head" in the Jingo between the woes such as trend line breakthrough buy quotes but back to kill back, technical indicators on the high side of the selling price is still sesame seeds, the form of bullish volume and with it will not rise, shrinkage finishing looks weak suddenly come well spurt of soar what "induce more induce empty", "washboard shock", "indicator blunt", "false breakthrough false support," "lagging averages" and so on, and then there are the unrelenting "stops" without warning, which are difficult to get out of - the high and low K-lines on the chart are dolphin traps, the long-running The averages are the same as the waves, so you may have palpitations about technical analysis, or you may even return to the field. The third realm: "See the mountain or the mountain, see the water or the water". I have no regrets about my clothes and belt, and I am tired of pining for my wife" - I have diligently learned the spirit of technical analysis: to stick to the principles and not betray her by deviating from the past; to appreciate the essence of technical analysis: to be light on forecasting and to focus on following the technical trend; and of course, to diligently study Systematic the most basic and important technical analysis method is the cornerstone of all this when you establish your unique technical research and judgment system and give full trust, I believe that the end will be rewarded with "the many miles to find her a thousand degrees, suddenly look back", the chart of the high and low K-line is still layers of more beautiful, the source of the long-running average Such as a small bridge and flowing water is unusually relaxed technical analysis system "see the mountain or mountain, see the water or water" is my pursuit of a realm, but also the author in the futures market, such as life in the treatment of people to the citys guidelines, in the end, with an old saying together: the use of the magic, the existence of a heart