Technical analysis principles

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best forex copy trading the cashback forex forextradingsignal of foreign exchange methods, should bear in mind the principle that things will usually move forward in accordance with the trend they show, but this situation is howtocopyforextrading absolute, the external appearance of things can not be completely consistent with the facts; this situation is sometimes obvious, sometimes difficult to detect such examples are numerous For example, many people think that when the bath water over the edge of the bathtub, the water will flow faster. Some people can drink like fish, but fish dont drink at all: George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and tossed a dollar bill across the Potomac River, both stories are folklore, not fact. Every year, thousands of people die in car accidents, but people dont seem to care, but a plane crash that kills only a few dozen people can immediately become a national sensation. For example, if your portfolio starts to gradually decrease in value, you will guess if there is any negative news about recession, debt issuance, war, government budget deficits, bank failures, etc. Panic time will flash in your head, so in order to avoid becoming a victim of illusion and emotion, you should seriously learn the technical foreign exchange Almost all technical analysis methods can provide valuable market information and deepen the investors understanding of the market, compared to the complicated market behavior, but countless painful losses also continue to provide forex investors that technically feasible results do not necessarily mean success in the real world of trading. On the other hand, the lack of the ability to translate the results of the analysis into practical operations, in order to truly link the technical analysis of foreign exchange with the actual operation, the investor must overcome the threat of fear greed and desire, which means that when we encounter temporary unfavorable factors, we must first learn to control their impatience do not easily give up their own analysis results learn to adhere to their own principles believe own judgment is obtained through the correct technical analysis of foreign exchange methods, do not be swayed by the proverbs and actions of others