Technical analysts should be correct attitude

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  As we, victims of howtocopyforextradingformation asymmetry, st forextradingsignaling in an all-or-nothing cashback forex, a general environment without devout investors, without investment value, investment behavior best forex copy trading largely gambling, admit this, because we want to take advantage of this premise, no longer do manipulation simply victims, if this touches your decent heart and makes you sick, please leave, if not, then how do we get started? First of all, we know a lot of conceptual terms, such as support, pressure, breakthroughs and false breakthroughs, etc., in the analysis of past security movements, we can easily find their existence, but when we really face the unknown tomorrow to look at the map to speak but often at a loss Another situation is that many people will be in those classic descriptions after the establishment of a biased view of the trend chart appears head and shoulders bottom that means that the stock price rise, KD line appears golden cross will have the stock price rise so all kinds of … … so then eat in the market, in fact, as the finishing pattern itself does not predict the future, it is pure and pure objective things, the key in the turn of the city breakthrough of that point that point of judgment to determine the success or failure of investment, head and shoulders bottom finishing failure may well take the momentum and evolve into A downward relay of the head and shoulders pattern (it is worth paying attention to: this situation is not necessarily manipulation and cheating line caused, but then the general trend!) The next downtrend is both fierce and violent at this point, I suggest you reflect on your own attitude and thinking, because this is no longer a problem of investment techniques behind a market behavior, has its own unique interpretation of language, why is the same double-headed some left shoulder than the right shoulder is slightly higher than some slightly lower? What is the reason here? Why almost all double-headed volume is decreasing from left to right Why latent bottom breakout after the amazing rise and why the dome always appears in the history of high-priced performance stocks? This is what we are talking about technical analysis of the key technical pair, philosophy called the negation of the negation, a kind of unconfused rationality Secondly, have you ever paid attention to their own hearts, no matter how strong you boast their own risk awareness, subconsciously you have a long bull market are a kind of subconscious thoughts of the undercurrents, the special nature of the stock market is easy to produce in all participants biased thinking, and this will be unconsciously Subtle influence in the investment behavior of a theory, once established in the public mind, that past time has tested his correctness, the so-called existence is the truth, but his role we are entitled to do as a mapping of history, because we do not know anything about the changes generated by the changes, no grasp, and that is indeed the fate of things situational U.S. ten-year bull market on the countrys economic anti-lifting role, so that some people are inclined to In fact, leaving aside the differences in national conditions, differences in national thinking, even if the other side of the ocean, is going to be in full swing, the price of stocks to maintain upward is to use real yards of ocean stacked, simply assuming that the chips are well characterized, assuming that people will always do the stock market miser, the money earned remains invested, there will never be an unexpected event to disrupt the trajectory of the market……& nbsp;This series of assumptions can not have a break, the surface of the strong to create the surface of the external strong, to know that only with an option evaluation formula to win the Nobel Prize in economics is to maintain the strong rise caused by years, the stock market this place, unlike futures, foreign exchange and other financial investment markets can be self-balancing by the balance of market forces / anisotropy of interests on the contrary, the government, brokerage firms, the Corporate, individual investors, evaluation agencies, the common interests of the media can easily lead to peoples subjective tendency to favor more psychological, all parties have the interests of the stock market rely on the long-term upturn, it is very difficult to make a rational and impartial objective evaluation, people think up, the so-called objective analysis unconsciously evolved into a deliberate quest for proof, as if the government, investment people know more about the market than the market     The economic system in the change, the inefficiency of industrial investment led to the investment market input-output ratio highlights, certain areas of China accumulate a large number of lobbyists and hot money eagerly looking forward to value-added and value preservation opportunities, the securities market windfall effect, good circulation, to provide good opportunities, so up and down completely into the impatient emotions so that we have achieved today year Year after year, year after year, still good market conditions, constitute our securities A-share market today so we must correct our understanding, which is one of the necessary conditions for us to get a fresh start