Technical charting skills

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Fundamental analys best forex copy trading requires comprehensive, grasp the hot spots, targeted tracking howtocopyforextrading, while technical analysis requires excellence, technical analysis forextradingsignal fundamental analysis of learning is never-ending, but technical analysis is more flexible, more focused on the accumulation of experience process Technical analysis of the method is valuable in fine, not in the more, but avoid one-sided analysis, technical analysis of skills in: combining patterns, indicators, trends, mutual verification. The first section of technical cashback forexs a, candlestick charts (k-line charts) candlestick charts are the most widely used technical analysis graphics in the world today, is the method used by Western technical analysts to describe price changes, because the graph resembles a candle, so called candlestick charts, which is often referred to as k-line charts candlestick charts more emphasis on the relationship between the opening price and closing price, through the candlestick chart can be more clearly distinguished Candlestick chart analysis techniques we will explain in the second half of this chapter, the system training courses are based on candlestick charts Two, bamboo line chart Bamboo line chart is a method used by Western technical analysts to describe price changes, because the graph resembles a bamboo section, so the name bamboo line chart, bamboo line chart with a vertical line to represent each time period Third, the closing price line chart Closing price line chart is a single k-line closing price of the exchange rate for continuous drawing, forming a curve The advantage of this graph is that it can exclude the difficulty of identifying the graph of abnormal fluctuations, especially in the identification of wave patterns have greater help, for us to grasp the overall rhythm of the exchange rate is very favorable; weakness is that it does not reflect all the connotations of the operation within the k-line Closing price line chart is our second daily focus on the use of analysis of the graph Four, points chart (circle fork chart) The earliest is the stock market traders use the technical analysis of the chart, points chart is a series of interlocking X columns and O columns alternately arranged to represent the price level of the movement now few people have used this chart Five, the chart of the time period In the foreign exchange market, the trend of any one currency graph, we can generally see the monthly, weekly, daily, hourly chart. Weekly, daily, hourly, 30-minute, 15-minute, 5-minute, 1-minute graphs and other time periods, some analysis software also provides 3-hour, 4-hour or 8-hour charts Section II K-line Single k-line indicates the trend in the time level under a regular time period, such as an hourly k-line, indicating the exchange rate operation in the hour, according to the process of single k-line formation and The results of the difference, we will be divided into the following 3 types of k lines: a large positive and negative large positive and negative itself is in the process of stage stronger or weaker, the basic prognosis is to continue to bullish or bearish; while the following spindle line itself indicates that the two sides are in a state of stalemate, it is difficult to distinguish between high and low, the next development needs to be further judged by trend analysis II. Spinning hammer line The upper and lower shadows of the spinning hammer line are not too long, but in fact, the upper and lower shadows of the spinning hammer line is long or short is irrelevant, its prognostic significance is unchanged if there is a long shadow line, the length of the shadow line can provide some additional reference significance, which is similar to the following cross Three, the cross star line The cross star has a lot of prognostic significance, sometimes it is a reversal, sometimes it is a relay, the key depends on the appearance The key depends on the stage and location of the emergence, as well as the characteristics of the next market operation from a single k-line foreshadowing meaning, which side of the longer shadow, indicating stronger support for the reverse Section III, the use of long-term charts When conducting technical analysis, never just look at a time level of the graph, the implementation of the operation should be distinguished Long-term charts, more often used for trend judgment, the use of trend indicators, k-line combinations This is the main role of long-term charts. After determining the medium- and long-term trends, the role of short-term charts becomes obvious. The actual entry and exit judgments are dependent on short-term graphs, where the actual definition of short-term graphs also varies from person to person If you are doing weekly shorts, short-term graphs are defined as hourly and 4-hour charts are more suitable; if operating daily shorts, can be defined as 30-minute charts and hourly charts; if investors prefer ultra-short-term operations, you may need to make more use of the 15-minute chart but especially need to remind a point is. No matter how short your operation is, do not belittle the medium and long term trends foreshadowed by the daily and long term charts, and then short term operations are best in line with the medium term direction, which determines the size of the risk, time to profit and other key factors