Technical finishing in foreign exchange trading

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best forex copy trading the foreign exchange cashback forex, whether the market howtocopyforextrading rising or falling forextradingsignal is not formed in one breath, the process of running the trend must all go through the finishing stage only after the consolidation can continue to carry out a new wave of up or down this consolidation, in the terminology of technical analysis is usually called technical adjustment  technical adjustment in foreign exchange is usually caused by three market factors. The first is part of a floating profit traders short term profit closing, technical buying or selling of the market to form the opposite direction of the suppression; the second is part of a floating loss of investors to take an equal share of the chips tactics, to cover positions, so that the trend of the reverse force; the third is a market force to implement short-term speculation, but also to form a suppression of the exchange rate level The emergence of technical adjustments in the market to investors Provides a short term trading opportunities, usually adjusting the size of the previous period of rise or fall between 30 percent and 50 percent if you get an effective grasp of profits will be considerable Foreign exchange in the technical finishing is traceable such as in a wave of upward movement, three consecutive days to pull out the positive line, but the rate of increase decreases; or even up after the formation of a high open low, the final formation of a The upper shadow of the negative, these signs are to show that the upward trend will form a finishing in turn in a wave of downward trend, 3 consecutive days to pull out the negative, but the decline gradually decreasing; or even after the decline, the formation of a low open high, the final formation of a lower shadow of the positive, these signs are to show that the downward trend will form a finishing investors in the rising trend when the adjustment to do short, or downward trend when the rebound to do more, also in line with the market And the principle of the line, only the level of the trend direction is not the same But foreign exchange investors need to be clear is that the use of technical adjustment trading can only do short term, absolutely not fetish, in general, when the adjustment reaches fifty percent of the range, to understand the parts because even the use of fill tactics, to this price level they will close their positions and leave the market you fetish not go, the market a turnaround back to the The main trend, the formation of the loss of watermelon to pick up the sesame situation  foreign exchange market, whether in the process of upward trend or downward trend in the adjustment, do not represent a change in direction, so in the presence of adjustment, the basic factors of the market has not changed, while the market popularity in the strategy has not changed, the technical trend in the overall has not changed, so the adjustment is only temporary often fist to shrink back is to once again powerfully forward to hit This is a technical adjustment in trading should be awake to understand