Ten classic financial movies that futures traders must see

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F forextradingsignalancial movies have gained a lot of recognition in recent years In addition to the ups best forex copy trading downs of traditional movies, cashback forex movies can also reveal the unknown industry insider, trading is no longer a distant concept in peoples eyes, the life and emotions of traders are also exposed in front of the audience Good movies should be like this, while bringing people something new, but also let They fall into contemplation foreign exchange, futures, stocks and other types of financial securities market, every day in the game of war, as if a classic trading howtocopyforextrading below is our recommendation of ten futures traders must see the classic film, these films, both documentary, but also fictional story Well, now please get ready melon, drinks, popcorn, come together to watch the film!  10. "The New York Futures Exchange" ThePit (2010) This documentary was actually produced over a period of four years, through the life of a floor trader, showing the chaos and tight pace of the once open outcry trading. InsideJob (2010), which won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary, explores the causes of the 2008 financial crisis by interviewing government officials, journalists, financial industry elites and presenting objective financial data. The film tells the story of the market makers and traders at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) on the Friday before Black Monday, when the entire market descended into chaos the next day and many exchanges closed while the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and its Major Market Index (MMI) contracts remained in trading.7. The SmartestGuysintheRoom (2005) has never been short of financial catastrophes over the past decade or so, but there are only a few that can still shock and alarm the public more than a decade after their occurrence, and Enron is one of them. The first and second part of WallStreet (1987, 2010), a series of films that are already must-see classics for traders, has also been recommended by ETI for the films main character, Gordon Gekko, who we can only describe as extremely greedy. This movie will be the financial market insider trading told to the extreme has not seen the partners, this series of films is a must push 5. "Death Code & pi;" Pi (1998) a mathematical theorist Max Cohen (MaxCohen) according to a private computer Euclid (Euclid) on the laws of calculation to find the world code, and began to make accurate predictions on the rise and fall of the stock market so BarbariansattheGate (1993) This movie is about the 1988 deal in which RJR, the second largest tobacco company in the United States, financed the acquisition of the cookie manufacturer Nabisco. Working Girl" WorkingGirl (1986) Melanie Griffith as the lead, for this Wall Street comedy film brought a different color she played a Tuston Island investment bank secretary, despite the smart and capable, but in the career of a series of dark side of the film won the 61st Academy Award nomination for Best Picture 2. Floored (2009) stimulated by the news of the CME Groups closure of the New York trading floor, the film once again received attention The film is about all the ups and downs of the traders battlefield shift from the exchange to electronic trading either to keep up with the times or to be eliminated, which is the market The film through dialogue with the success and failure of the transformation of traders, in-depth interpretation of traders in the face of the trend of the times The fate of an accomplished Wall Street investor and a socially deprived bum is turned upside down by a bet made by others. who once debated whether they could learn to trade successfully