Ten years of foreign exchange trading wind and rain like people drink water cold and warm know!

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Do more than ten years of foreign exchange, the ten years of w howtocopyforextradingd forextradingsignal rain, as the saying, such as people drink water, warm and cold know! The foreign exchange industry, in fact, to be honest, can indeed make money! Th best forex copy trading is also a little harvest of my more than ten years in the financial industry, but how to make money? This is also a little gain for me to engage in the financial industry for more than a decade, but how to make money? There is a lot to learn here, involving all aspects of the word 05 into the stock market, 0607 stock market market is high, but cashback forex did not earn money 07 years to fight foreign exchange, since then opened a decade of foreign exchange career that year and most of us the same, are from the domestic small workshop, the so-called betting black platform to start, lost two thousand dollars, and then immediately quit looking for a U.S. ifx, I believe we all know, a do is eight or nine years this Ten years, I read all the domestic and foreign financial classics books, while involving Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism classical works, philosophers wisdom is really vast, to now still keep learning to read books, there seems to be no end to my friends three religions and nine streams have, but there is no one engaged in the financial industry is unable to communicate professionally, but this does not affect the tacit understanding between friends the so-called road is connected I have a friend, fine in the tea ceremony, every time take me to his circle to drink tea, people from all walks of life get together to experience the spirit of the tea ceremony, but friends seem to be high and low, a great deal of high places do not win! It can be seen from the tea into the road, and foreign exchange is also through, although I do not know tea, but does not prevent me from talking about tea on the road! The road to simplicity, foreign exchange industry and the spirit of the tea ceremony is similar, during the taste is difficult to express but the tea ceremony to the extreme, is indeed high and low, and foreign exchange finance is the same, to do the latter, the same is lonely because it is difficult for others to understand you, and the public is unable to communicate, the ancient sages, foreign financial masters, we only continue to learn, admire, but difficult to surpass, like William short master! Another friend is a fan of internal boxing, of course, I was with him more time I am also learning and practicing, mainly taijiquan and shaped Yiquan, these are the things of traditional culture talk about internal boxing, and the tea ceremony is the same, the same can be done by martial arts into the road but this is more difficult than the tea into the road that friend, after all, internal boxing is almost lost, practice time is longer, the so-called Taiji ten years do not go out, I think This foreign exchange gold and is connected to the Taoist, to the good to the pure, Buddhists are put down, the so-called no desire is just, you can look at the foreign masters! Those who are crooked, is unable to enter the Tao whether engaged in the tea ceremony, martial arts, foreign exchange, so basically the road is closed! Of course this is also my perception, if you do not believe, please in foreign exchange gold on a road to black! Talking about the internal martial arts form of Taiji are from the quiet start, the so-called pure and inactive, Taijis slow round, the form of Yi is also this and the foreign exchange of the long line is somewhat similar, pure and inactive, slow, before entering the road! Foreign exchange is also the same long line and the form of Yi inch power, fierce outbreak, Tai Chis spring power is an instant, this and the foreign exchange of the short term instantaneous outbreak is extremely similar! Fast money can be obtained by referring to the "scar dick" about the short term operation, I do not talk about the short term, Larry Williams book read no less than ten times, I always wonder why he short term a year 1 million dollars? How did he do it? I want to seek answers in fact, so to speak, the book gives the answer, but nothing is given, look at the same loss of money! But I already have the answer in my own mind, short term can make money! Larry William is the most important master of my short term mentor! So many years down the line, I already have their own set of systems, including long and short lines, which is countless days and nights of blood condensed! I can say that I am sure of steady profits as long as I avoid the encroachment of the black platform! Of course, there are systems and technical methods, no mind, the same useless, like a child with a Guan Gong knife, can not dance up! This can refer to the "turtle trading" mentioned in the method, but still can not make money, because you do not have the heart method! But, with the heart method, no method, the same is losing money! This is the foreign exchange industry seems to be able to make money, but the reason for the vast majority of money-losing 99.999999% are losing money, foreign exchange is a system complex process, but simple to the extreme! Like I mentioned earlier, the road to simplicity! Foreign exchange industry, to find the master is too difficult too difficult, especially the master of the practical school, like a needle in a haystack! Many books on the market, the vast majority of them are theoretical, and books on specialized foreign exchange and few and far between! Can see its difficulty! So find a practical school of master, and what about it? Buddhist Tantric Buddhism has Vajra master, learn Tantric Buddhism to have a master, read the book is simply impossible Tantric Buddhism I do not know very well, probably know that there are yellow religion red religion, etc., from the Dragon Tree Bodhisattva and Lotus Peanut master down to Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, of course, there is East Tantric, that is in Japan mainland China is the Han Buddhist Tantric Buddhism to find Vajra master is the most important is to feed the master the same, in the foreign exchange industry, the field of internal boxing is also to learn the art of worship! The masters of internal boxing mentioned earlier, such as the tigers head less Paul Sun Lutang, the natural people of the Du Xin Wu, the lost fist of Huo Yuanjia, etc., we go to check the relevant information for themselves the following two topics I have to say, one is about the Taoist inaction, and the content of the chat shared by that tea road friends a is about the black platform, I ten years foreign exchange veteran actually also fell into the road mainly with that agent ten years of agency relations, too Trust him is in line with the saying, the night rain ten years lamp, some people ten years deep hidden, but no matter how long, and then the cunning fox also have to be recognized that day! There is another is about reading books to learn technology I first throw out the topic, lest we forget to read the book again, he still, and the Buddhas put down the same at the same time and billiards in the eyes of the ball in the heart of the ball, there are similarities and differences, I love to play billiards, although many years did not play the first topic of the so-called Taoist inaction and inaction, which is indeed the highest depth of reasoning on the surface are understood, the reasoning into the actual evidence, that is a thousand difficulties before A few days and that tea Tao friends in-depth conversation on this topic, deeply touched he has good tea, I do not know much, tens of thousands of thousands of a kilogram, sometimes take to kick the museum, sometimes hold tea parties, of course, these are hoping to have friends to appreciate and buy tea but honestly, tea this thing is not like eating, not just need, can buy or not buy so friends want to make business mentality can be understood but in fact, this requires a fire Slowly simmer, one day maybe a friend needs to buy this is also the Taoist realm of inaction and no inaction back to the foreign exchange, which is similar to the foreign exchange stop loss pay the risk, not necessarily a receipt, but the stop loss and must be, which is contradictory to see the continuous loss of money, account funds continue to shrink, you can achieve inaction and no inaction? Stop loss is necessary, but how to stop loss? Foreign classic books are related to the introduction, but I privately to Larry Williams argument is the most affected because his theory is based on a series of data analysis, he said, stop-loss expansion, the winning rate increased, stop-loss reduction in the winning rate decreased, which is another problem how to stop loss is good? I personally understand that the stop loss is based on the trend, but the specific details of how? This topic is very complex and difficult to elaborate clearly, which should be combined with the actual battle to continuously improve the skills and techniques of stop loss second topic, on the black platform in fact the real black platform needless to say, generally can be seen directly through but often the kind of regular platform and fca regulation of the platform really can not be distinguished! Talking about the third topic, read books to learn technology many friends over the years to read a lot of classic books at home and abroad, but has been losing money, which is the farce? This decade I read not a few books, classic books such as Japanese candlesticks, technical analysis of the stock market, turtle trading, the road to freedom in the financial kingdom, Larry Williams short term trading secrets, the domestic Qingze, Scarab, and so on, countless but read these books can be said to be useful, and basically useless which makes me think of Zen Buddhism, not to establish the text, teach the outside world! And as the Buddha said, the law should still be abandoned, let alone illegal? The Buddhist canon is as vast as the sea, a lifetime will not be able to read it all, but not as simple and straightforward as the Pure Land Sects Amitabha Buddha, the financial books do have some classics! And yet not! So read the book, and have to throw the book away! But do not read the book and can not, which is a bit contradictory I privately think, read the book at least ten years, perhaps just begin to mention earlier, Zen is the upper wisdom of learning, and in the foreign exchange head, the same, my personal experience, the enlightenment is super high, more than ten years can be introduced! Of course the road behind is still very long according to Buddhism, the law is not fixed! So we have been looking for the Holy Grail for so many years, in fact, there is no Holy Grail, if there really is, the Holy Grail is only in your heart! Seeking the Dharma outside the heart is an external path! The law of Buddhism has no fixed law, which is in line with the foreign exchange rate is ever-changing, you find the technology, the market changes, the technology will not work, so the law of Buddhism has no fixed law, outside the mind to seek the law is an external path! I feel the same way! As for the technology, the turtles, Dennis only spent a week training, on the actual operation, technical methods have, but many turtles in the last few, most of the other changed careers visible, in Dennis and other world-renowned trading masters leadership, many disciples, only a few out of the teacher! Can see the difficulty of foreign exchange