The futures mogul Huang Yi-hsiung

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He did not climb all t howtocopyforextrading way to the top from the bankruptcy of the West snail family cashback forex Yi-hsiung, before turn forextradingsignalg to futures, had three times into the stock market before retreating with profits, or blackboard under the grab hat of the Beggars Gang primary kicks, but now, Huang Yi-hsiung in the futures market to exercise the superior martial arts of the Wudang school Huang Yi-hsiung, a futures tycoon from the western snail, was re-elected as a director best forex copy trading supervisor of the unified enterprise last year, after the internal arrangement of directors, it was discovered that someone outside the group held enough equity and power of attorney, and intended to join the board of directors Wu Xiuzhi and HD would like to personally coordinate the next board seats in exchange for this mysterious figure is a major Fubon 10-1 room. --Taiwan futures tycoon Huang Yi-hsiung Huang Yi-hsiung comes from a bankrupt family in the small town of Xiluo, with seven siblings, his father passed away early, his elder brother graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages at National Taiwan University, but the oldest in line, he was already struggling financially because of his family, reading to the second semester of Xiluo Junior High School could not pay the tuition ......  After suspending school, he did odd jobs in his hometown to nail the wooden boxes of childless watermelon chess to supplement the family, and later to work at the Xiluo Wanwei Xiang food factory, until the age of 17 has been in Xiluo Sour past is unbearable to look back on that time there are endless sour stories mention these childhood past, has been forty-year-old Huang Yixiong to hold back the mood of the past is unbearable to look back on, said: "Twenty-three years old before the incident, I really I cant say it!"  One time, a family friend came to their house carrying a sack of freshly harvested peanuts and rice, and he was so moved that he could not speak. At the age of 23, he saw that many of his relatives and friends were doing stocks, including his brother and sister were also regular customers of the stock market, so he started to enter the stock market, and at the same time began his legendary life Once he entered the stock market, he lost all the money he had earned from his business, and had to bid out his last job to pay off his debts. The result of this re-investment, the only 200,000 yuan only 20,000 yuan left, but also 3 million yuan in debt! "Not only did my wife die on me completely, even myself once turned on the gas and wanted to commit suicide," Huang Yixiong said After leaving the stock market for a month to think calmly, he found that the stock market is making money in those few, so he humbly asked for advice on how to fight in the stock market at the same time, he also began to read a lot of books and newspapers, with only 20,000 yuan back to the stock market and began in the Under the blackboard to grab the hat (do short term trading to get the day washout), every time a single start to maintain a vigilant state, as long as there is to earn a little on the run, Huang Yixiong own bitterly described: with beggars, as long as someone alms a little on the satisfaction He recalled that three years under the blackboard to grab the hat life said: "I learned is the beggars kung fu" three into the stock market without Retreat has lost so much money in the market, and have such high debts, if you go to find a normal job, the salary simply can not pay off the debt "Im like standing at the edge of a cliff, there is no way back" he said However, God seems to have some mercy on him, sixty-seven years someone to speculate in ironmaking shares, Huang Yixiong bought 20,000 shares, and borrowed some money to increase the code. The result was that the ironmaking stock started to soar from $15, and this ironmaking stock made him more than $2 million plus the money he earned from the hat robbery, so Huang Yixiong paid off all his debts and still had $300,000 left. In 2008, the stock market had entered a short market, so Huang Yixiong took $300,000 and switched to the futures market. At that time, there was no terminal in Taiwan and no quotation system, so several friends went to Ye Huis house to use the telephone to ask for quotations to place orders, thus unveiling Huang Yixiongs futures career. The result of the counter-trend single, he did not earn a fortune in gold futures to $600 an ounce, Huang Yixiong found himself a serious misjudgment of the big market, only to resolutely change strategy, the purchase of 500 two gold flip long, the result in a week from 600 to $850 he still has a vivid impression of the year to sell the price of $841 because the settlement down earned more than eight million, "the first time in my life to earn so much money," he was excited the next day half a table of two banquets to invite guests, did not expect the next day gold actually plummeted from eighty-five yuan to more than six hundred yuan The drop made many people dumbfounded, "I am no exception," Huang Yixiong said: I only felt that the gold price in 850 has been shaken for three days, then decided to close the position to take profits, did not know that the plate will have such a dramatic trend after earning gold this money, only to lay the foundation of his future After that time, Huang Yixiong often guilty of impatience, can not fight with a normal heart, this stage, his wealth has been up and down many times, has been between zero to 15 million hovering indefinitely It wasnt until the year 72 that Yi-Hsiung Huang felt that there was not enough information and commodities to do futures in Taiwan, so he decided to take $50,000 and go to Hong Kongs deanwitter (the third largest U.S. securities firm in Hong Kong) to do futures on his own because there were more products and more opportunities, plus his mood wasnt worried about anything else, so he changed his impatience in Taiwan and his operational performance got rid of the "Pan Bureau", from seventy-two to seventy-four, "my or win rate is as high as 95%," he said somewhat proudly: in those three years in Hong Kong, solidly earned 60 million Taiwan dollars (about $150,000) With $150,000 family emigrated to Spain, originally wanted to live a quiet life, tired of fighting in the futures market, did not expect, after a short time began to hand itch, but his winning rate is only 20% He described: "often sword out of the sheath of the hand will still shake, practice can not match The result was a total loss." In a years time, Huang Yixiong took $60 million to Spain, but was left with only $9 million to return to Taiwan, and when he returned, his mood became agitated again because he was eager to rebuild his home. "He began to force himself to calm down and think. In the past, he found that the only way to make money in the futures market was to bring the psychology of buying and selling to a balanced state, so he began to turn around from one futures contract to another. Huang Kui, director of the preparatory office, admiringly said: 75 years I witnessed Huang Yixiong just returned to the country that period of desperation; also witnessed him from a U.S. t-bond to 15,000, margin from $ 20,000 to $ 30 million according to deanwitter statistics, in Hong Kong for more than a decade, there are thousands of customers, but only two really profitable, Huang Yixiong is one of the Noryu talk said The first time, such a record of battle to the surrounding friends breathtaking one night at 3:00 after the close, the group drove together to Keelung Miaokou to eat a snack, at that time, Huang Kui and now Risheng Securities self-management department manager Jinjin Kun are listed, we coaxed to ask Huang Yixiong combat experience, after a few cups of yellow soup down, Huang Yixiong began to have a "talk from the beginning" of the enthusiasm so After Huang Yixiong designated the location, a group of people drove to Yehliu. This gathering, which the group called "Yehliu Talk", started before the sun came up at 5:00 a.m. and ended only in the middle of the day, as Huang Kui jokingly said, "It was during the Yehliu Talk that Cai Jinkun and I were For Huang Yixiong, who has been in the futures market for many years, what impressed him most was the experience of doing soybean futures for seventy-seven years when he still had 15,000 soybean contracts in his hands, and then there was a drought in the United States, and in one night, after he closed all his positions, his account was suddenly 50 million dollars more! In a vivid imitation of the look of excitement and disbelief, he immediately called his mother in Taiwan and said, "Mom, do you know how much money I made tonight?"  Although Huang Yi-hsiung does not deny that his luck is good, he also says that he has put a lot of effort into his research, "even hiring a tutor to teach him English and after returning to Taiwan in 1975, he only sleeps three hours a day because he does both stocks and futures, and now he often suffers from tinnitus. I do not encourage young people to enter the futures market, but if you are really interested, you should first deepen the basic research and analysis of the market and technical analysis, and before entering the market to prepare a good strategic view of buying and selling, and then adjust to the psychology of self, and finally must be combined with perseverance, in order to have a decisive victory in the futures market. This is what he emphasizes as the four keys to winning in the futures market