The God of Investing - Warren Buffett

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● Diversification is only necessary w best forex copy trad howtocopyforextradinggn the investor knows nothing about the company he is investing in ● The success of the investor is directly proportional to the extent to which he truly underst forextradingsignals t cashback forex investment ● In order for the investor to make a real return, the company must obtain a higher capital than the investors pain index The investors feelings have a more powerful impact on stock prices than the companys fundamentals ● When others are afraid, you have to become greedy Warren & bull; Buffett has been described as the most successful investor of our time Among the great investors of history, Buffett has been notable for his keen business evaluation techniques Oil King John & bull; D & bull; Rockefeller, Steel King Andrew & bull Buffett, however, is a pure investor who started from scratch, engaging only in stock and business investments, becoming one of the worlds richest men of the 20th century. The second on top of the list is the genius Bill & bull; Gates worth 46.6 billion U.S. dollars In more than 40 years from the Eisenhower era to George & bull; Bush administration, whether the stock market bullish or weak downturn, regardless of economic prosperity or recession, Warren Buffetts performance in the market is always very good in the post-war United States, the average annual return of major stocks in the 10% range. Buffetts simple yet mysterious investment philosophy and strategies have attracted many investors and corporate management decision makers. Once a year, they make a pilgrimage to Omaha like saints to listen to Buffetts investment analysis, which, like the El & bull; Worth concert or religious Easter, has become an annual event in the U.S. The financial community regards Buffetts writings as the Bible, reciting Buffetts maxims as if they were sermons. Born on August 30, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska, his father, Howard • Buffett, was a local stockbroker and Republican congressman. After dusk, they would return to the house, unfold the Rice-Mahar World-Herald, count the number of times each letter appeared on it, and scribble the changing numbers densely on straw paper. It was only when Warren started school that the situation gradually improved and after these hard years he had an obsessive desire to become very rich. Warren was asked why he wanted to make so much money, and he replied: Its not that I want a lot of money, I think its fun to make money and watch it grow. After his father was elected to Congress, Warren Buffett moved to Washington with his family. He read every business book he could get his hands on, studied corporate financial statements, studied stock charts, and speculation that he was an expert in stock investments spread to schools, and even teachers tried to dig out some knowledge of stocks from him. Something innate, not just precocious knowledge, but also his ability to put knowledge into logical terms He seemed to have extraordinary insight, and the way he talked about something convinced people that he did know exactly what he was talking about When he first arrived in Washington, Warren took a job delivering the Washington Post and the Times Herald Soon Warren had five Warren made his newspaper delivery business a success. He earned $175 a month, which is the income of many young people who work full time. Warren saved every dime he earned. About a month, he and his partner set up in three barber stores pinball machine business is so hot, they expanded to seven, 50 dollars a week income so Warren has its first company Wilson slot machine company later Warren and this partner joint venture of $ 350, bought a 1934 Rolls-Royce car, and then at a daily rate of $ 35 By the time Warren graduated from high school in 1947, he had distributed nearly 600,000 newspapers and had saved $6,000 through hard work and ingenuity. In the next three years of college, Warren worked almost full-time while playing bridge, and his homework got to the ground when he graduated with a savings of $9,800 during which he read Ben • Grahams classic book, The Intelligent This book on securities investment for Buffett is like finding Gods place for this Buffett left his hometown of Omaha as soon as he graduated from college and came to New York alone to attend Columbia University Business School to study under his admired Ben & bull; Graham Graham is considered the originator of financial analysis he laid the foundation of the methodology for stock selection, before that, it is with gambling this pseudo-science Grahams first contribution was to clarify the definition of investment, Grahams second contribution was to propose a quantitative analysis of common stock investment safety space method is a typical representative of his quantitative analysis method During his studies at Columbia University, Buffett was hungry to study these theories of Graham he got Graham in Columbia to teach 22 years Huaiyi gave A+, in Buffett After graduating from Columbia University in 1951, Buffett returned to Omaha to work as a stockbroker for his fathers trading division, Buffett & Falk, where he made his greatest progress not in the investment business but in Dale & Bull; Carnegies public classes. In the class, he learned the skill of talking comfortably in front of large crowds, and later, by teaching Principles of Investment at the University of Omaha, he perfected this skill, which was crucial to his future investments. This often caused investment firms to hold on to their money, thus losing many opportunities. Since leaving college in 1950, Buffetts personal capital had soared from $9,800 to $140,000. In 1956, after Graham retired and the investment firm was dissolved, Buffett returned to Omaha with his $140,000 bet.