The highest level of investment is to forget

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Bear best forex copy trading, watching the index go down, asset shrinkage, many people chose to leave the field, cashback forex some people pers howtocopyforextradingted, but also laughed to the end years later looking back at the heart of the road at that time, those holders are coincidentally used a word to forget, forextradingsignal when you think about it, the bear market has turned bull forget, seemingly simple a word, do it is the most difficult, are real money, to really forget, is not an easy task?  There are three realms of investment: speculation, thinking, the highest realm is to forget how to say this? The new stockholders just entered the market easily disturbed by the market, the slightest wind, gossip on the rudder; some holders are still with the operation of speculative thinking, trying to do swing in the oscillating trend, high throw low suction to earn the difference in price In general, this stage of the holder has not yet bought shares is to hold the companys equity this fact to establish a sufficient sense of trust, frequent changes of hands this also makes sense to the second stage, some stockholders To the second stage, some stockholders have adapted to the ups and downs of the stock market, to hold the companys equity also has a feeling, do not want to sell easily, but the market fluctuations are still some nostalgia, daily in the heart of the calculation of profit and loss, big falls and big rises, but also inevitably honest and fearful, the heart of the relatives; and to the third stage, is to forget Forget Forget is not to forget, not to ignore, but to hold the company with the suffering and hardship, through the After the alternation of the bull and bear market, the rise and fall, for the companys management team to hold a deep understanding of the investment ability and extreme trust The rational sale of equity holdings should only be two reasons: one is no longer trust the company, the second is a fundamental shift in the view of the market trend The qualifications of the management team is the holder can judge, but the market trend, but even the investment gurus can not predict Warren Buffett said: I have never met anyone who can predict the market trend So, if you trust the company you invest in, trust its management team, leave all the concerns about the market to the company, all you have to do is to buy it, and then forget about it, let it become an indispensable part of your life, let it grow old together with you