The road of progression for newcomers to foreign exchange trading

2023/2/26 9:54:04  read(3)

1.The newborn calf As a person who wants to survive in the howtocopyforextrading, the initial thing you should do best forex copy trading to read the K-line, the K-line is forextradingsignal as complicated as you might think, you may feel at a loss to start, but it does not matter, I recommend watching the Japanese candlestick cashback forex video, available on Youku, from the origin of the candlestick chart to the meaning of different candlesticks, look at the When you can make a note, feel important to record down, easy to access at any time when you candlestick chart has been known to the chest, that means you have been considered the initial introduction to the 2. candlestick chart you will already, the next can look at the average, Bollinger, the golden mean and other technical indicators, of course, these things just help you get started, as for the future is not used is an afterthought, everyones trading methods are Different, the use of indicators are not the same, you have to do is to pluck out what is suitable for you, so may be a lot of total indicators to go through once, there is no shortcut to this period, need a certain amount of time to accumulate learning 3. fundamentals, the fundamentals is the impact of foreign exchange, gold, oil, some news and national policies and so on, in fact, these things are important, and not important reason why it is important, because you look at the After these news, the market will have a certain concept, gold is going up or down, the dollar is positive or negative, after you analyze the news, or you see the news analysis, you can give your mind to form a concept, which is good for you to do after the market is not important, because the foreign exchange market is margin trading, you are just a small speculator in this market, just. Generally do the plate when you look at the hourly chart, generally take the point is only a few dozen hundred points, I have been in this market for 7 years, the most also took 1200 points of the yen, that is a rare case so you do the plate when the focus on the next few important news on it, such as non-farm payroll for newcomers, it is not recommended to do the news plate, you do not control the 4. I am happy in it, because pushing the plate can bring yourself a good big picture, hourly chart to see more will limit their big picture, so from time to time the day chart, weekly chart out of pushing the plate, is to let yourself grasp the market after the good medicine pushing the plate is also an important part of the newcomers to find the plate sense, some times a good sense of the plate will bring you unexpected gains 5. The idea is very simple, make money, make money, make money!!!! In fact, the purpose of everyone doing foreign exchange is to make money, but you must correct their position and mindset, this market is very easy to make money, a few heavy positions down, your account may be a few days on a few times, the temptation is huge but losing money is easier, a heavy position down, you go back to liberation so correct their position, is more important things compared to technology, which involves a more profound The heart of the regulation and capital management issues, which requires long-term real-world feel for the accumulation of the order should be, learning, life preservation, accumulation, the beginning of success, stable profit summary: when you can already overcome their greed and fear, good control of the position to do a good job of capital management, and a good technical precipitation, then congratulations, you have not been unemployed!