The strategy of making money in the foreign exchange market

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Want to make money howtocopyforextrading the foreign exchange market, in addition to good judgment, cashback forex best forex copy trading also a very important factor today to bring you the three major strategies for making money in the foreign exchange market Hedging single trading strategy in the oscillating market: the use of the same currency hedging single, called direct hedging its purpose is not to lock single, but when the market has been in a narrow range of finishing, while opening a position to buy forextradingsignal a sell, and set a good stop The disadvantage is that the position of stop loss and stop gain is not easy to grasp, may be both may stop loss out of the field Continuous trading strategy: this strategy is also called neutral hedging, such as the use of EUR/USD-USD/CHF, GBP/USD-USD/CHF, AUD/USD-NZD/USD and so on using the currency of the continuous operation of neutral hedging, but in order to reduce risk The hedge will be opened with unequal positions, and use the difference in overnight interest rates to earn interest spreads, such as EURUSD = 1.06 and USDCHF = 1.00, you can open EURUSD for 1.0 lot buy orders and open USDCHF for 1.06 lot buy orders to offset the risk but the disadvantage is that when the two currencies diverge, the loss of foreign exchange fluctuations will be much higher than the interest income arbitrage trading Strategy: this strategy is relatively simple, to beware of is the market instantaneous rapid and substantial reversal according to historical statistics, we found that the currency arbitrage trading is easy in the up or down a large wave instantaneous rapid reversal, so that the implementation of arbitrage trading investors can not take profits out of the market was driven out of the current more suitable for this strategy of currency do buy orders AUD/USD and AUD/JPY, and do sell orders EUR/AUD. And do sell orders EUR/AUD Martingale and anti-Martingale trading strategy: Martingales theory is to lose double the deposit, and anti-Martingale is to win double the deposit and lose the deposit to reduce the Martingale strategy is actually a probability to win the strategy, this strategy is not only used in the foreign exchange market, but also in many other financial trading market is widely used if there is no perfect If there is no sound capital management protection mechanism, with this strategy to the deeper and deeper layers of open positions caused by the loss will be very large and fast, very easy to make profits in a big loss when it comes to nothing but the opposite of the anti-Martingale strategy, it is to make money after the code, the loss of money is reduced, so when the market has a trend market, the implementation of the anti-Martingale strategy can be very amazing profits Ultra-short term strategy: analysis cycle Mainly in the 5-minute chart, the win target is generally 10-40 points stop loss is generally half of the win focus on the reference is the average chart M10 and M60 foreign exchange daily trading in Asia, Europe, the United States can be, most transactions are concentrated in Europe and the United States disk advantage is more flexible, without a long time to endure and wait for the difficulty is that must be timely stop loss, the disadvantage is that frequent trading fees are relatively high intraday short term strategy: analysis The cycle combined with the 5-minute and 30-minute charts, foreign exchange winning techniques are generally located at 30-80 points, stop loss is also half of the stop gain it is mainly concentrated in the afternoon Beijing time 16:00-24:00 between the European and American plate recommended currency pairs for Europe and the United States, the British pound, Australia and the United States, not recommended currency pairs for the cross and the United States and Japan swing trading strategy: hold the cycle for the medium to long, day-based profit target is generally in the 80 -400 points between the side requires a larger amount of money at the same time can consider operating precious metals in the gold selection of technical charts are generally 4-hour chart or daily chart, the entry point reference 30-minute chart in addition to the average, to carry out resistance support decomposition advantage is to save time and effort, you can get swing profits in an easy situation, the disadvantage is that it requires a larger amount of money to maintain a lighter position its stop loss level for the winnings target 1/3 -1/5 Do not worry about others will do better than you, you just need to do better than the day before every day growth is a race with yourself work is still very busy, still able to be organized, the market is still shaking, still able to wait patiently