What are the characteristics of foreign exchange investment

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best forex copy trading forextradingsignal investment howtocopyforextrading the use of margin trading system, leveraged trading cashback forex international synchronized trading, occupy a small amount of capital to make a big profit, so that more investors to participate in the market profit in recent years, the foreign exchange market is gradually developed, strong trading, attracting a lot of people to participate in the purchase and sale of foreign exchange has become an important investment tool to attract a large number of people to participate in foreign exchange investment activities, the reason is that foreign exchange investment has the following Features: 1, the investment target is the national economy, rather than the performance of listed companies, so foreign exchange investment is not easy to do the banker control 2, foreign exchange investment is bilateral trading, can buy up and buy down foreign exchange flexibility, the probability of profit 3, margin trading system, low investment costs (1:100 leverage ratio) foreign exchange market standard contract for each lot of 100,000 U.S. dollars, using the margin system, we can make a big profit with a small 4, the volume is very large, there is no dealer and retail investors (daily turnover of 1.98 trillion U.S. dollars) foreign exchange market is the worlds largest financial market 5, T + 0 trading (can buy that sell), the flexibility is very strong, see the trend can be thrown 6, to control the magnitude of losses (set a stop loss), not because there is no buyer or seller to undertake and incur greater losses can be set by the system stop loss and stop win, that is, set to 7, twenty-four hour trading, buying and selling can be done at any time (major holidays and weekends will be closed) stocks and other can only buy up, and only four hours of trading time, see the advantages of foreign exchange 8, high interest returns (stocks only up to four times a year, and international spot gold and foreign exchange, every day can enjoy interest) so, foreign exchange investment someone specializing in arbitrage profits