What are the characteristics of the foreign exchange OTC market

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The cashback forex howtocopyforextrading best forex copy trading is an OTC market, which itself does not have a fixed trading venue, all transactions are made through the major inter-bank electronic platforms forextradingsignal large trading terminals by buyers and sellers to set up for example, investors can choose to do transactions with a particular bank, using their platform, and then these banks and financial institutions and then these transactions through the large financial institutions open only for Reuters or other ECN platform to other counterparties can be seen, the foreign exchange market is a huge financial market with high liquidity, trading with a large number of participants, the purpose of each participant is also different A, the worlds fairest and most transparent market In the foreign exchange market, almost all the news is instantly released and public, we ordinary investors and central banks, large funds, research institutions to get Various economic data are completely synchronized with such a symmetrical news decided the most basic fair and transparent foreign exchange market In addition, thanks to the second point below, we can see that the foreign exchange market has a daily turnover of about 3 trillion U.S. dollars, in the case of such a large volume of transactions, even the central banks want to intervene in the foreign exchange market is also very difficult, and the intervention effect is often poor which determines the Foreign exchange market is a market with almost no bankers, even Soros led by large hedge funds can only follow the market trend, and do not want to attempt to create a phase trend in accordance with their personal wishes We do not have to worry about a banker to maliciously control the market, even if several major central banks to intervene in the market, to promote some exchange rate trends in accordance with the direction of economic development needs to run, which is also open Finally, the 24-hour continuous trading mechanism determines any international political, economic and military changes can be reflected in the foreign exchange market movements in the first place, which forms the basis of a fair and equitable market Second, there is a market without a field The financial industry in Western industrial countries basically has two systems, namely, centralized trading central operations and no unified fixed place of business network stock trading is Through the exchange of trading like the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, respectively, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, the main trading venues for stocks, centralized trading of financial commodities, its quotation, trading hours and settlement procedures are unified regulations, and the establishment of a peer association, the development of a code of practice investors are buying and selling the required commodities through the brokerage firm, which is the market and foreign exchange Buying and selling is through the unified operation of the market of the business network, it is not like the stock exchange has a centralized and unified location, but the network of foreign exchange trading is global, and the formation of unorganized organization, the market is agreed by everyone and advanced information systems are linked, traders also do not have any organization membership, but must obtain the trust and recognition of the same industry this no unified site The foreign exchange market is called the market without the field global foreign exchange market every day an average of trillions of dollars of transactions so huge huge amount of money, is in this neither centralized place and no central clearing system control, as well as no government supervision to complete the clearing and transfer Three, the foreign exchange market is the worlds largest investment market foreign exchange market every trading day there are about 3 trillion dollars of turnover, with the network technology Continuous development, promote the rapid development of the foreign exchange investment market; compared with the stock and futures markets, the foreign exchange market is unique to the many advantages of the modern foreign exchange market trading volume has only experienced more than thirty years has exceeded more than two hundred years of history of the U.S. securities market As the worlds largest capital investment market, the huge daily volume of 3 trillion U.S. dollars decided that no banker can control the plate, but also decided the following The fourth point even if the Bank of Japan, such as the big players in order to economic development and intervention in the market, but only a very short-term effect, the market will soon be able to restore the original direction of operation Fourth, the foreign exchange market trends of the currencies more standardized Technical analysis principles are the repetition of historical laws presented, the most consistent with the principles of technical analysis, all the principles of technical analysis are in the case of the larger the volume, the more consistent with the principles themselves Rules foreign exchange market, stock market, futures market and other similar investment markets are so foreign exchange market daily 3 trillion U.S. dollars of huge volume and the immediate response to market news, making the foreign exchange market trends of the currencies are very standardized, very much in line with the principles of technical analysis, in the six major non-U.S. currencies against the U.S. dollar trend, and the largest volume of EUR / USD trend is the most standardized V. More flexible trading mechanism  Compared to the stock market, futures market, the foreign exchange market trading mechanism is relatively more flexible: 24-hour continuous trading mechanism determines that we can participate in any non-international uniform holiday trading, there is no time limit; at the same time, we are involved in foreign exchange transactions are completed through the invisible market, trading means is basically through the network to achieve, which also has no geographical restrictions on trading; internationally accepted Foreign exchange transactions are two-way trading mechanism, which determines the foreign exchange market is a never bear market, we have to do is to follow the market trend to trade, the opportunity always exists; international foreign exchange transactions are also the way to have leverage magnification effect of the transaction, we can according to their own needs and risk tolerance, choose a different magnification ratio, to achieve the effect of small to large, reduce investment Foreign exchange market occupies the amount of funds Sixth, the cycle of operations Due to the different geographical locations of the global financial centers, the Asian market, the European market, the American market because of the time difference, even into a 24-hour continuous operation of the global foreign exchange market at 8:30 a.m. (subject to New York time) New York market opening, 9:30 a.m. Chicago market opening, 10:30 a.m. San Francisco opening, 18:30 a.m. Sydney opening, 19:30 a.m. Tokyo opening, 20:00 a.m. Tokyo opening, 20:00 a.m. 19:30 Tokyo open, 20:30 Hong Kong, Singapore open, 2:30 a.m. Frankfurt open, 3:30 London market open so 24 hours non-stop operation, the foreign exchange market has become a day and night market, only Saturday, Sunday and the countries of the major holidays, the foreign exchange market will close this continuous operation, providing investors with no time and space barriers to the ideal investment place. Investors can look for the best time to trade for example, investors who buy the yen in the morning in the New York market, the evening after the opening of the Hong Kong market yen up, investors in the Hong Kong market to sell, regardless of where the investor himself, he can participate in any market, any time to buy and sell therefore, the foreign exchange market can be said to be a market without time and space barriers