Xiao Zhang foreign exchange market gold record (2)

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Speculation and speculation of foreign cashback forex forextrad howtocopyforextradinggsignal different chase up to kill the fall to think twice Xiao Zhang in the last foreign exchange competition after the loss, and was not beaten by a failure, but to adjust their mindset, start over because he felt that the foreign exchange market is the worlds largest and most exciting market, will bring him unlimited opportunities to get rich Hello, best forex copy trading am Xiao Zhang, in that foreign exchange competition after the loss I began to feel very depressed, the heart quite remorseful, but there is no regret pill can eat, or should adjust their mindset, to start over Perhaps you will ask me, since the foreign exchange market is so risky, why continue it? Heres what I think: In the case of EUR/USD, the exchange rate is always changing, and a 1.0% up and down range a day is often seen in margin trading, when you make a 1:100 leverage investment, a 1.0% change can potentially turn into a 100% gain in a day, or even hours or minutes! In particular, I traded the GBP/JPY currency pair in the competition, which is the most volatile of all forex trading currencies because the pound is the largest of all currencies, while the value of the yen is very small, these two currency pairs naturally fluctuate very sharply up and down, sometimes even 2 to 3 times the EUR/USD and because of this, the risk and profit is naturally highly magnified, done well In addition, the foreign exchange market is a 24-hour operation, after the stock market closed during the day, you can also speculate in the evening at home, you can achieve the effect of speculation, speculation in both the stock and foreign exchange In the following days, every week I will go to the foreign exchange company to open the foreign exchange seminar, so that you can learn more about the basic knowledge of foreign exchange trading with the help of foreign exchange analysts Because I have some experience in stock trading, some technical indicators in the stock, in the foreign exchange can also be used, so, for me in the technical aspects of the start is not too difficult I started to think that the foreign exchange margin and stock trading is not much difference, is more than the stock of a short means so did not think too much, also did not take into account the magnification of the capital management problems, but the use of the stock method to I remember very clearly, because I was free at work, so I had the opportunity to place a single in the Asian market when I first single to do is the dollar / yen single, bought 3 lots near 120.30, and eventually profit of more than 2,000 yuan, which is considered to open the door later heard some seniors say Doing the euro is relatively safe, I did a EUR / USD sell orders that afternoon, the results and profit of 40 points a day down the earnings almost catch up with half a months salary, I was happy with the success of these two also let me more confident, think foreign exchange trading should be chasing up and down to earn a good profit I think everything is too simple, in fact, the complexity and variability of the market, is that I was Can not perceive the encounter with unilateral market, perhaps I can make a successful profit, but most of the time the market is up and down oscillation, in this time chasing up and down is often very blind. After buying the euro entry, the exchange rate as I had hoped to continue to move up, the beauty of my ah! I thought I could make a profit again, so I went to make a cup of coffee to console myself, but when I returned to the computer with coffee, I was dumbfounded! The euro fell 60 points at once, but I still hold hope in my heart, I think the evening after the opening of New York will rise again, however, the fact is not what I expected, and so I arrived home at night, the decline in the euro is still continuing, eventually leading me to lose a lot of money That night, I just felt tight in the chest, the beginning of the point of confidence was all dispelled calm for some time, began to reflect on their own two weeks of speculation in the foreign exchange process The old saying is good: modesty makes progress, pride makes people fall behind, this is not bad at all, the short-lived opening of the door to my self-confidence began to highly inflated, think that foreign exchange margin trading is just so, they can fully competent in which but now think, when the opening of the door is actually a little more than luck because doing foreign exchange and other investments, whether you are professional or not, there is a probability problem in it. The difference between a novice and a veteran may be reflected in the mindset, when the profits are high, forgetful, when the losses are down I and many novices, do foreign exchange only consider the profits or how much can be earned, rather than consider the risk, how much they can afford to lose, so over-optimistic, resulting in that fiasco